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Hailey Levin and Leo Espildora
The Case of the Melting Ice
1. Purpose:
The purpose of this lab is to show the comparison between the ice melting and finding the age of fossils while using relative dating. The way the ice melted demonstrated how scientists determine the age of rocks. In addition, we were supposed to determine the exact time at which Frosty was put into the funnel. 2. Procedure:
First, the materials we used were a funnel filled with ice and a graduated cylinder. Using the materials, we recorded the volume of Frosty`s melted remains and noted the time on the clock. After every five minutes, we checked the volume which is when we recorded that on our data table for a total of thirty minutes.
Time Volume of Melted Ice (ml)














4. The graph is on a separate page.

Analysis: 4. The estimate that we created at chich Frosty had met his demise was about 45 minutes prior to our first interaction with him. We formulated this estimate by counting the amount of drops per minute and found that two drops dropped each minute. We estimated his volume and the amount of drops that he would have been prior to his demise. 6. Using our graph, the exact time that Frosty started to melt was 1:45. The estimate that we had formulated was exactly the amount of time that Frosty had been in the funnel prior to our first interaction with him. We made this estimate based on Frosty`s condition when we first met him and the amount of drops he dripped each minute.

7. The shape of our graph is a inclining line graph. However, our statistics being in the center of the graph because we began this experiment after Frosty’s initial demise and he was already partially melted so we found the time that he died and began the graph at 1:45 and 0 milliliters and we started the statistics at the time with which we commenced recording the information regarding the time and the amount of water that was deposited in the beaker. 8.What our graph tells us about the rate at which Frosty melted and the rate of radioactive decay is that the rate at which Frosty melted is one milliliter…