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Assessment Record Form

Learner Name: …Charlotte Coates… Assessor Name: …………

Oral Questions
Witness Testimonial
Candidate Report
Professional Discussion
Product Evidence

Details of Activity

I arrivend at the property at the agreed time on time sheet. I rang the door bell and waited for a family member of the service user to open the door to allow me in, as this is the agreed way of accessing the property of the service user. I greet the family menmber and showed them my photographic identity badge so they know who i am. I greet the service user, whome is currently in bed. I ask how the service user is and if he had, had a good sleep? I then procced to read the care plan to up date me on any changes as well as the moving and handeling risk assesment. Care plans and risk assesments are agreed and signed by the service user prior to care.
Upon satisfactory understanding. I proceed with washing my hqands, applying personal protective equiptment (gloves and apron) and prepared the environment, ensuring health and safety of the moving and hadeling risk assesment and environment risk assesment is followed as well as the care plan. As this call has the use of a hoist i have a work coligue with me to assist in this. The service user has a hospital bed witch i higher to mine and my coligues weist height. I accsess the glider chair and tilted back slightly as the service user is at risk of falling out if it was sat up right. I also ensured that we had towel ready to cover his dignity. All the time i am preparing thigs, i am talking to the service user about general things. I then prepare the sling, drop the bed side and ask the service user to role to the opisit side of the bed to me so i can slide the sling under him. The service user i very much capable of roling him self and pulling him self. I asked the service user to bend his legs when he was on his side and explained that this will naturally roll him over more and i also told him that he was doing brilliantly. I slid the sling under him and positioned properly. I then took his shorts down and covered him with a towel. I promped the service user that i was done and if he could role back to his back and then towards me. He did so. I then ensured the sling was in place and asked the service to move back to his back. I thanked him and as he rolled back slipped his arm through the sling strap. i asked The service user to slip his arm into the other arm strap. I then crossed the strapps over his body and thready through loops. I had already positioned leg straps under legs and i have crossed them. Through out the process i am explaining to the service user exsactly what i am doing. Me and my coligue then accesses the hoist and positioned it over the service user and lovered it to attach straps to the hoist. We attach the agreed straps to the agreed huck on the hoist. I then ask if the service user is ready to be hoisted to the glider chair. I ensure all straps are correct and in place and that the glider chair is in postition and the breaks are on. The service user confirmed that he is ready. We proceeded to hoist the service user constantly checking the sling and position of service user. I lowered the bed as the bed bars would be in the way of moving the service user to the chair and they are not ajustable. I was also asking the service user if he was ok during position change. Upon lowering the service user into the chair i ensured that he was in the correct position. When the service user was safelly in the glider, i ask if he was comfortable. He confirmed. I ensured he was still covered with the towel. I then un hucked the sling straps from the hoist, moved the hoist over the bed and removed the sling from the service user, all with the help of my coligue. I asked the service user to lean forward so to take the sling from behind him. Whilst doing this i had asked if the service user would like