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Andrew Vu
Mrs. Dadabhoy
CP English 2
5 March, 2015

My Career: Nurse
Throughout my years in school, I’ve been getting asked What do you want to major in or what do you want to be when you grow up. Especially in high school, teachers, friends, and family would always ask me those questions and the reason why they ask is because they care. I have decided that I want to major in being a nurse or at least trying to graduate in the medical fields and try getting into UCI because I heard that it is a good school to graduate if you’re going to major in the medical fields. There are many types of nurses but the type I want to be is a FNP nurse (Family Nurse Practitioner) which is a you providing comprehensive primary health care to patients throughout the lifespan .
You will treat individuals from infancy to adulthood with acute illnesses and chronic disease. Out of all the types of nurse there is out there, this one just feels like this is the right one for me. The reason that made me change my mind to major in the medical fields is when a guest speaker spoke to us in my Biotech class a couple months ago. She is a nurse and she told us all about the stuff she did to become a nurse and all the benefits you get when you become a nurse. Ever since that day, I have been really thinking to myself what I should major in because she personally told me It’s better to think about this early and research about it rather than doing it all late and just rushing

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into things. I’m really glad the guest speaker came into my class and spoke to us because I honestly I had no idea what I wanted to major in.

Depending on the location of training to be a nurse,
University of Cincinnati quotes, ”the level of independence for a nurse practitioner may vary greatly” (. Every once in a while the nurse may work completely independently of a physician. The role duties, medical treatments, and pharmacologic abilities of the nurse practitioner depend on the state of licensure.
University of Cincinnati states that a nurse practitioner has many responsibilities to take care of such as diagnosing, treating, helping patients acute, managing their illness, conducting physical examinations, interpreting medical history, ordering and performing diagnostic tests and procedures performing minor surgeries and procedures and etc. Performing minor surgeries is not my kind of thing, I can handle it but I just can’t deal with that every single day.
The responsibility that I’lll look forward to is providing prenatal care, family planning services, and screening services is because I love to help people and making them happy, another reason is lots of people told me that this is one of the easiest tasks.
Another responsibility that I hope that I don’t have to do much is cleaning up after elders; such as cleaning their poop or shower them.

The main personal characteristics that you need for this job is patience and dealing with angry patients. If you get mad real easily then I would think that this job is not meant for you. Every single day for the rest of your career, you will deal with angry patients. Nurse together quoted that,

In a single shift, you may have to handle

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a belligerent patient, an angry family member, a moody peer or supervisor, and a patient who has several