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Jalisco: Location and Background

Jalisco is located in the center of Mexico. It’s capital is Guadalajara. It’s surrounding states are Nayarit, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato, Michoacan and Colima. The most important rivers in Jalisco include the Lerma­Santiago river. It begins in Mexico State and runs into Lake Chapala. Lake Chapala is actually the largest river in Mexico. Other lakes and rivers in jalisco include The San Juan de Los Lagos and San Miguel Rivers. As well, as the San Marcos,
Cajititlán, Zacoalco, Atotonilco, and Sayula lagoons. Jalisco also has large mountain ranges.
Some include the Los Huicholes, Los Guajalotes, and San Isidro Mountains, El Gordo Hill, and the Tequila volcano. Jalisco is also located to the west by the Pacific Ocean. Jalisco’s average population is 6,989, 304. The top major cities in Jalisco are Guadalajara of course, Zapopan,
Tlaquepaque, and Puerto Vallarta because of the population and these cities attractions. One of
Zapopan’s attractions may be that they have the new chivas’s stadium. A reason why
Tlaquepaque may attract people to visit there may be because of it’s beautiful plazas and chapels, as well as festivities. Puerto Vallarta may be popular because of it’s beautiful resorts and beaches.


Foods of Jalisco

One of the things that Mexico is known for is having the best foods. Jalisco has many traditional foods. Some of them are birria, capirotada, pacholas, carne guisada, empanadas de camaron, enchiladas rojas, pozole, tamales, tortas ahogadas, etc. Most of these foods are familiar to me because they some are also traditional in the part of mexico from where my family is from. The only difference is that some foods may have a different name, and slightly add or remove certain ingredients. Of course that is due to the way that people have their own recipes and the ways that they like to prepare certain dishes. Some of the popular drinks in Jalisco are tequila, jugo de lima, tejuino y el pajarete. Jugo de lima is known to be very easy to make. You just have to get pieces of a lima, water, sugar, and ice and just mix it all together. It is a really refreshing drink that many people like to enjoy. Tejuino is enjoyed with lemon, salt, and powder chili. It only has a small amount of alcohol. El pajarete is a drink that is made with fresh milk straight from cow, powder chocolate, and tequila all mixed together. These drinks are new to me because I have never heard of them, until now. But they have interesting ingredients. I can understand why they are popular. Tequila first originated from Jalisco. It has to come from blue plant named agave,


and has to be made in Jalisco, or it cannot be called Tequila. It would have to be named Mezcal.
Sangrita is one of the non­alcoholic drinks that is popular in Jalisco as well. Jalisco: Sports and Activities

A very popular sport in Jalisco is soccer. Guadalajara has three professional soccer teams. These teams are the Club Deportivo de Guadalajara known as the Chivas, Club Social y Deportivo
Atlas de Guadalajara known as the zorros or rojinegros, and the Club Deportivo Estudiantes
Tecos de la UAG (Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara). Chivas is one of Mexico’s most popular and successful teams. Atlas plays in the Primera Division de Mexico. Estudiantes have won a single championship back in 1994 when they defeated Santos. The Chivas’s home stadium is the Estadio Omnilife stadium which is located in Zapopan. The Atlas’s home stadium is named Estado Jalisco in Guadalajara. The Tecos’s home stadium was the Estadio Tres de Marzo located in Zapopan as well. But this year in 2014, they changed their location to Zacatecas and their club name to Mineros de Zacatecas. That means that the Tecos were