Copyright Implications Paper

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Copyright Implications Paper
February 13, 2014
Copyright Implications Paper

When creating a website u can use some things to protect you from copyrights. One thing you do is make sure that you made the content and try to avoid using other people’s or business data as your own. Also try to get permission to use other peoples content. To be fair though, I personally think that a lot of the copyright laws a bit unfair or unregulated. I have heard a lot of companies get sued for things as a person wouldn’t thing mattered. I’ve heard even a case where the matter of the letter X was and the defendant lost.
There many things that people should try not to use in there site like copied clips of other people work or pictures. Also people do lose a lot there own made videos online for stupid claims. Also I understand that this is about website design I like to make example of other copy laws in which I disagree with.
For website that you create you could be somewhat comfortable to say you own it. But if you have help you should try to make sure that the person or people that help you understand the website belongs to you. Something that people should note is when you hire someone to do a website you should sign contracts so that both people understand that in then end only one person will be owner or both parties well. However like I perversely have mentioned that some people do claim owner ship of some word or pictures even if they have nothing to do with