Copyright Infringement and Media Piracy List Essays

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The country with the worst history for media piracy is Armenia with a staggering 93% of the media market being pirated. A cause of piracy is low economic stability with the masses unable to afford movies but in countries with high economic standard like Australia it isn’t so prominent.
The bottom 15 which is good in this case has as the worst 29% pirated media all the countries in the bottom 15 are financially stable countries, well in some areas such as the crumbling financial structure in America but that’s another topic.
Australia has an ok percentage with a reasonably small 28% pirated media, and because a the majority of Australians are quite well off and can afford to buy and/or rent movies, but piracy is not caused just because of the cost of it, it is also the convenience, instead of have to drive for 10-30 mins to a DVD store depending on how far form your house it is. Instead of leaving your house you can just go online and download or stream a movie from a website on your computer all without leaving the comfort of your own home on a Friday night.

Piracy these days has become a growing epidemic movies songs and games are being burned sold and copied to be resold for half the price and multiple times by someone as common as your neighbour who is unemployed and has time to kill. You neighbour just wants to earn some easy cash, he probably thinks it’s harmless but it’s not.
Burning movies games and songs on to blank discs for profit is probably the worst of the piracy but more than that there are now more modern day things like USBs and websites you can download all the media you like for free. It may seem harmless, and you might say, “Oh I’m only one person I can’t be hurting the industry.” WRONG!!! Every time you download a movie you are hurting the industry. Now I’m not one to talk because I myself have accepted or watched the odd movie from a friend and have said the same thing but I am in the wrong and if I can avoid it I would go down to the DVD store and rent it but it’s really the convenience of it.
Piracy has become a growingly bigger problem because it is so easy to access and download off the internet. In some countries there are more places to buy pirated movies, music and games than there are legal places to buy that stuff. Now there is no easy way to stop piracy because someone will always be able to download or rip something of someone else and it’s the amount people do it that determines what will happen to modern media.
Australia is =94th in the bottom 15 in the world on the media…