Copyright Royalties Contracts Essay

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Assignment brief – BTEC (QCF)
Assignment title
Copyright, Royalties & Contracts
Keith York
Date issued
Hand in deadline
Duration (approx)
1 Weeks (3 x 1 hr lessons)

Qualification covered
BTEC Extended Diploma in Music Performance
Units covered
39 – The Sound & Music Industry
Learning outcomes covered
39. 3+5

Workers in this industry who do not understand the issues with licensing, copyright and royalties could find themselves in breach of the law; whereas those who do understand the issues connected with the commercial exploitation of ‘Copyright’ material can receive a significant income from the commercial exploitation of their Intellectual Property.

Task 1
Understanding ‘Copyright’ and ‘Royalties’ within a Music Industry Publishing Contract.
Evidence you must produce for this task
Create an evaluation from the ‘publishing contract hand out’ to provide evidence and demonstrate an understanding of how and why a publishing contract is necessary.
Demonstrate your understanding of ‘Copyright’ and its importance within the Music Industry.
Demonstrate how ‘Royalties’ are collected and paid out to the owners of the ‘Copyright’
Select and use a variety of sources of information.
Provide evidence of independent research for a contract in the music industry. (Referencing sources of information)
Develop articles, presentations and the essay.
Write articles, presentations and the essay.

Criteria covered by this task:
To achieve the criteria you must show that you are able to:
Criterion reference
Describe the importance of Copyright, Royalties and