Coral Springs Diner: A Blast from the Past Essay

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Szymon Jasieniecki
Professor Alexandra Alessandri
March 12, 2013 Coral Springs Diner: A Blast from the Past 10410 W Sample Rd Coral Springs, FL 954-772-4731
The Coral Springs Diner is a modest dinner located on the main road of a town no one has ever heard of before. The outside of this restaurant says it all a simple building painted a boring beige color like every other building in that lot it does nothing to stand apart from all the other local restaurants, cafes and bistros all over this small town. However unlike all the other bland eateries around the Coral Springs which serve bland food that leave no impact the Coral Springs Diner not only serves some of the best local food this city has to offer but also serves a slice of Americana that you can’t get from your chain fast food restaurant no this feeling is only achieved by stepping into a place that is as old as the city and houses as much of its memories as any museum. When you enter this diner the first thing you will spot is the décor that makes you feel as if you were sent back into the late 1970s and not in some sort of cheesy imitation retro feel no this is the real thing. Warm waves of nostalgia will hit you as you take the first bite of that hamburger while listing to records on the jukebox and the relaxing diner atmosphere will make you forget about your troubles and make you focus on your delicious meal and the people surrounding you.
Breakfast is a real treat as there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee with some scrambled eggs, hash browns and two bagels filled with ham and cheese all absolutely delicious. I was surprised when the bill came that this full meal was only 10 dollars which was practically a steal with my wallet still just as full as my stomach I left the diner with a smile thinking that there is nowhere else I rather go for breakfast than this diner.
The lunch and dinner menu is no different with a wide range of choices from the classic hamburger to fried scallops it seems this