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Linda Cordero
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2 February 2015






Viking Questions
Who were the Vikings?
Vikings were warriors. They were scandinavian sea­borne nordic­speaking raiders, who raided and traded throughout northern europe and north atlantic. When did the Vikings live? The Viking Age lasted from 750 to 1050 A.D.
Where did the Vikings live and travel; where were their long­term colonies? How did they use environmental knowledge in their technological adaptations (ie­ longship)
The vikings mainly traveled by boat and lived on the boat or in towns they raided. Some long­term colonies include: homelands, western isles, iceland, greenland, markland, helluland, vinland, and land of legend. They used their environmental knowledge to make ships tough enough to withstand rough seas, light enough to be carried by streams, big enough to hold 200 people, but only need 15 to navigate it.
How did they travel?
Traveled mainly by boat (longship), if on land, traveled by horse
What caused the Viking raids?
The decline of Frankish Empire and the overspread of arab caliphs.
What was the Viking role in trade and how extensive was it?
The vikings mainly traded in Europe and Scandinavia, but their travels were as extensive as greenland and vinland. They heavily helped economies flourish.
What was the Viking role in Russia? the Vikings founded the first russian state around
Kiev. They then raided the Byzantine Empire and that caused exposure to the cyrillic
Alphabet, christianity (eastern orthodox), and byzantine architecture. They are the