Core Issues in Ethics and Duty Essay

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Introduction to Duty of Care in Health,Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings:
1.: Understand the implications of duty of care
Define the term ’duty of care’:That means that I must do everything I can to keep the people in their care safe from harm. It is not only the care establishment that needs to prioritise the safety, welfare and interests of the people using its services, but also the care workers of the establishment. My employer also has a duty of care for staff members, to ensure that working conditions are safe, and suitable to deliver the service.My duties are:assisting the residents with toileting,padchange,dressing,feeding,get up from bed,record keeping,monitoring,… .I mean help with their needs,wishies,follow the care plan.
Describe how to the duty of care affects own work role: It means the duty of care you have in your job is to keep yourself safe and your service user safe. Keep up to date on your training. All ways wash your hands before attending a service user before and after, and wear the protective aprons and gloves that are supplied by your work,and when a person chooses to do something which puts themselves at risk, but does not understand the risks, those around them still have a duty of care. The easiest way of understanding this is to think of young children, who choose to do all sorts of risky things - we expect those around them to still fulfil their duty of care because the child does not understand the risks. This can be a…