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Core Values Essay In the book the pearl by John Steinbeck, Juana displays the core value “pietas” which is loyalty. The way she displays it is never giving up on those she loves and cares about. Also by sticking by their side, and helping them through the good times and bad. The actions she displays that show pietas was, sticking by Kino’s side and helping him through the good times and bad. She also showed pietas to her son and family and son because she stopped at nothing to save them and protect them from evil. Lastly, she stood loyal to herself and her community because no matter how difficult th ings’ got and no matter how many challenges she faced she refused to change who she was or what she believed in. as well as being loyal to herself she was loyal to her community. Juana did all she could to save her community from the evil the pearl caused. Juana shows the most loyalty to Kino. Soon after Kino came in contact with the pearl, he became very aggressive and abusive. When Juana attempted to throw the pearl in the lake her caught her and chased her then started to beat her, kick her and punch her. He also started valuing the pearl as more important than his family and wife. He put the pearl first and everyone else second; he treated the pearl as if it was his treasure and only thing he had. He shows this by being so protective over it and stopping at nothing to assure it was safe and all his. After Kino became aggressive and abusive and neglecting his wife for the pearl this did not stop Juana from continuing to help him, protect him and get him away from the evil that the pearl brought. His strong actions compelled Juana to help him even more. Besides the abuse and neglect Juana was loyal to him by staying with him after Coyotito died, even though Kino was responsible for his death. Juana was most importantly loyal to her family. Juana attempted many times to save Kino, she tried praying for the pearl so that it can go away and turn Kino back to the way he used to be and also by calling the doctor to help. Juana would stop at nothing to protect her family. She tried to sell the pearl and even attempted to throw it in the ocean and lake but every time she was close to getting rid of it Kino prevented her from doing it. This shows she…