Core Values In Still I Rise And A Good Man

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Marywood life has been best described through the use of the core values. The class, University 100, helps demonstrate the core values and allows for a better shaped graduate after attending Marywood and entering the workforce. In the reading from class, respect and excellence were the most prominent. In both Still I Rise and A Good Man these two core values are well represented. In A Good Man by Mark Shriver, the author details his father’s story and accomplishments through the use of memories. Shriver describes his father’s actions that have helped shape him and have also shown the core values of respect and excellence. Sargent Shriver, Mark Shriver’s father, was widely known for his large involvement within the Kennedy administration …show more content…
Still I Rise is a poem about recovering from failures and overcoming odds to become successful. Angelou used many negative actions and countered them to prove a point of still overcoming a failure. An example in the poem may be, “You may shoot me with your words…You may cut me with your eyes…You may kill me with your hatefulness…But still, like air, I’ll rise.” (Angelou, 1979) Through the use of this style, Angelou was able to show that failure can be used to rebuild a person in a more positive way. When leaving college, a graduate is expected to be mature and capable of being a leader in their field of study with the understandings of how to benefit from failures. In A Good Man, Sargent Shriver runs for presidency, but he later decides to drop out of the race. (Shriver, 2012, p. 38) Just as Angelou describes in her poem, Sargent is able to overcome his tough choice and continue to live an inspiring life. Respect and excellence was well revered by Sargent Shriver throughout his life and it was shown through his actions. His creation of the Peace Corps to help less fortunate countries shows his character and provides a high standard of excellence and respect for all people, regardless of race. (Shriver, 2012) He was willing to give all he could to help others and was still able to raise a large