Corn: Alexander Graham Bell and Famous Invention Essay

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Alexander Graham bell revolutionized America by presenting the famous invention called the telephone. The telephone has been around for over 130 years and has changed the way America, along with the rest of the world, communicated. However, the telephone may have been Bell’s most famous invention, but he had introduced plenty more to the world. Bell also had countless hardships throughout his life, which may have dictated his profession. Alexander Bell was born in Edinburg, Scotland on March 3rd, 1847 (Stevens). His mother was deaf, and his father helped teach deaf people how to speak through signs. When he grew up he helped his father complete and teach ‘’sign language’’. Unluckily, Alexander and both of his brothers were infected by tuberculosis at around the age of twenty; Alexander was the only one to survive. Even though Alexander was studying at the University of London, his family thought it would be best to move, since they wanted to keep their last child alive. They moved to Canada in 1870 (Antique). Alexander first received the idea of transmitting sound waves over a wire when he heard the sound of a plucked spring along 60 feet of wire in a Boston electrical shop. Alexander said that if he knew anything about electricity, then he would have been discouraged to invent the telephone; because at the time it was thought to be impossible. Surprisingly he only went to school for about five years and afterwards he became a professor for the deaf at Boston