Corn Maze Short Story

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Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year! “You say witch like it’s a bad thing” Fear is something everyone experiences once in a while and us as teenagers love to be spooked once in a while. It can be whether we go to haunted houses, parties, haunted corn mazes, amongst other spooky things.
It was a cold night on a Saturday, my 8 friends and I decided to go to the La Union Corn
Maze and have some fun. We decided to first stop and eat the delicious corn they sell there and enjoy some laughs and make some life-time memories. As we went on to the next activity, the corn maze, we encountered a long line, but we eventually got our turn. At the beginning it was all of us and we were scaring people and having some fun. Other people there were yelling
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So, when we were walking the 3 guys were like,
“are you sure you want to get out of the corn maze?” and I reassured them. They led us to through this path between the tall corn plants and we ended up LITERALLY out of the maze. To the side there was like a ditch and to front there were just dry weeds and it was just so dark! I told them, “Excuse me, what’s this? This isn’t the end of the corn maze, how do we get back to the population?” and they answered, “you don’t, you said you wanted us to lead you guys out of the corn maze.” And at this moment I was just really scared. “I was the smallest one and I was doing all the talking and I was in the front of the group. I was so scared that I cannot remember their faces clearly. Finally I just said, “This is weird but thanks!” When I turned around my friends had ran and they had left me there! Shaking my head!
This moment was probably one of the scariest moment I have ever encountered. I would have never imagined for any of this happen at a corn maze! Luckily, I am alive and okay. What this taught me is to be careful with the people you are surrounded by, you might never know.
This is was definitely one for the books and an unforgettable memory. When I saw my