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Cornelius Vanderbilt,
Business: ferryman between Staten Island and New York City, steamship business
Industry: Shipping and Railroads:
Industry changed America: Cornelius Vanderbilt thought of connecting western railroad lines with eastern ones, leading to great success for the western railroads. Wanting to connect the West with the East. Adopted northern gauge, Formed a network, Travel was fast, Travel was comfortable, Sleeping cars and dining cars were added, Creation of time zones, People move from rural areas to the cities more easily
What other industry or business helped: Steel industry: tracks and engines, Lumber industry: railroad ties, Coal industry: fuel for engines
How is the industry revlant today?: Well without Vanderbilt’s railroad, Americans couldn’t have traveled one end to another cheap and comfort. He made3 traveling easier and possible.
What would be different if his industry wasn’t there? :
We would not have railroads connecting the West to the East. Life would have been hard and long. American’s wouldn’t have the chance to see the world.

John D. Rockefeller:
Business: : Standard Oil Co.
Industry: oil
How did the industry change America: He made Oil that was fine and pricy into cheap and fine oil.
What other business helped his industry: none big industry
What would be different without this industry: We wouldn’t have cheap fine oil.
How is this industry revlant today: We use oil for many of our transportation such as car.

Henry Ford
Business: Ford Motor