What Is Corner Bakery

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English 102-024
5 February 2015
Corner Bakery “On a corner. That’s where it all started” (Corner Bakery). Corner Bakery first opened in 1991 only selling baked goods and coffee. Today, Corner Bakery is more of a fast food dine in restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. If only it stayed as a baked good and coffee place it might be better. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone because of its poor food quality, poor cleanliness, prices and poor customer service. When you walk into Corner Bakery you think of it as the perfect family fast food dine in restaurant. Yes, it is better than McDonalds and Burger King but if you had to choose between Corner Bakery and Panera Bread go to Panera Bread. Panera Bread has way better food quality. Corner Bakery’s menu is very high in calorie, you think it would be healthy because they serve salads, soups, sandwiches, and pastas but they trick you. You could order a salad and its 500 calories while at Panera Bread its 300 calories better portioned, better prepared and better quality. Preparation of the food at Corner Bakery is just messy. The food quality is not a fresh as you might want it to be. You might be thinking well how would you know? I know because I used to work there. I saw how many days those vegetables were in the containers and how we would wait till the vegetable got rotten till we got a new one. It was disgusting. Another thing is the cooks tend to burn the food and I would get complaints all the time because the food as burned. I went to another Corner Bakery and they burnt the food too. I guess that’s how you’re supposed to cook them but they have gotten so many complaints I would think they would of changed the way on how they cook it. Cleanliness is a big problem at Corner Bakery. You would think this place would be really nice and super clean but when you walk in you usually see garbage everywhere and plates left around and nothing is cleaned. They have servers which are supposed to clean up after you leave that’s why they purposely do not have garbage cans around because they do not want their customers to throw out there garbage but I think they need to start to invest in some because it gets outta control and first impression is everything. If I did not work at Corner Bakery I would have never went back. The bathrooms are also horrible. They do not