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Corner Lot
By Jackie Rosenfeld
Plot – Nicholas Marshall & Lauren Peterson played by (Carl Hailey & Hailey Orman) are a couple from California with college degrees that move to a small West Texas town when Nicholas grandfather past away of age and left him his house. With the death of Nicholas grandfather, pretty much saved Nicholas & Lauren from living on the street due to unemployment, when they move to Texas their idea was to stay there till they sell the house. Nicholas got a part time job as a teacher while Lauren finds someone to buy the house. They both discover a memorial stone on their corner lot, Lauren gets creep out thinking it’s a grave tombstone and asks Nicholas to remove it, Nicholas doesn’t want to remove it because that’s not polite. Nicholas later finds out that the memorial stone belongs to Clementina Ramirez played by (Jessy Luan Valladares) a worker from the tacaita restaurant across the house, Nicholas asks Clementina what was the stone for, turns out Clementina only son died there in that spot. Hearing the story of the memorial stone Nicholas doesn’t even want to touch it because it’s something sentimental to Clementina. Lauren then finds Rusty Renfro played by (Thomas Madison) real estate, Rusty agrees to help sell the house but the tells Nicholas & Lauren they have to remove the stone, Nicholas disagrees and Lauren gets mad. Pretty much by the end of the play they argue because that stone is not helping them move on. Clementina finds out that Lauren left back to the city and decides to remove the stone and realizes she has to move on.
Acting – The acting was great, it was well rehearsed and on cue! I did notice that Nicholas Marshall played by (Carl Hailey) had a sort of cough but yet still manage to get back on track and not let get out of control. Other than that it was great!
Audience –