Cornfields To Mountains Research Paper

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Cornfields to Mountains
I’d never been out west. Cornfields and roaring hills filled the usual view of Gibson County, but I wanted to experience God’s creation of the mountains. Setting out on a Friday night, we started the grueling 16-hour car ride to Glenwood Springs. At first, we saw the faint outline of the mountains, but the farther we went the peaks seemed to come alive, towering over the clouds. The closer we came to our destination, the snow appeared more frequently on the soaring summits. With their natural beauty, the Rockies took my breath away. After arriving in Glenwood Springs, we soon realized the town was an old, western-inspired town, with signs scattered about the legendary Doc Holliday. The next day we already had a busy agenda planned. We rested up to be ready to explore the Glenwood Valley, an exquisite gorge, overlooking the Colorado River,
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The river curved between red colored cliffs speckled with green pine trees, reaching up to five hundred feet high. The weather never rose above 80o, but that didn’t stop me from working up a sweat. I’d never experienced the higher altitude and I was out of breath quicker than normal. Our day ended after we barely made it back to the Sun and Ski Sports. We ended our first day recovering at the famous Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, claiming to be the largest hot springs pool in the world circulating “healing” water with the water ranging from 97o-101o at all times. I was reluctant immediately to get in the pool because of the overwhelming odor came from the high content of sulfur in the spring water. I was entertained by the blonde lifeguards surrounding the pool, but even more in awe at the view of steam rising off the green lit water with the mountains in the background. My legs recovered quickly from the magic water and I was more than ready to visit Maroon Bells the following