Corning Glass Work Case Study Essay

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Harvard Business School Case Study

Corning Glass Works:
The Z-Glass Project

Claude Barnett  Jason Fishner  Jillian Ozkara  Frankie Quarles
Empire State College – Operations Management
Instructor Betul Lus
October 17, 2010

Problem Statement

The Corning Glass Company many product developments throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. During that time they always had been a leader in the arena of glass and ceramic products. Corning Glass Company focused on commercial products until the 1960s when it entered the consumer market. One of Corning’s exceptional technologies in this market was Z-Glass. After several successful years of producing Z-Glass at the Harrisburg plant,
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This is illustrated by MacTavish’s diminishing the value of process documentation. Eric Davidson wants to streamline operations and improve inefficiencies by documenting the organization’s processes. MacTavish poses resistance to Davidson’s attempt by communicating that the M & E team’s presence is not needed and they are causing more harm than benefit. MacTavish further invalidates Davidson and the M & E team’s contributions by asserting that the best solution is for the team to leave the plant production department alone.
In order to execute a strategy there must be cohesion and synergy between interdependent departments. If such does not exist, individual agendas and silos will surface ultimately preventing the organization from achieving its objectives. MacTavish and Davidson’s conflict supports this claim.
The M & E team’s contribution arguably determines Corning’s ability to achieve their objectives. Management needs to stress the importance of process documentation and change in order to improve production efficiencies and yield output.

Recommended Strategy

MacTavish believes Harrisburg’s production problem is fundamentally a “people problem”. Correspondingly, MacTavish views the M & E program at Harrisburg as needless and fears it can potentially hinder the progress already occurring. Consequently, it is recommended that Eric Davidson