Coronation Street Rape Edisode Analysis Of 'Coronation Street'

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Coronation Street Rape Edisode Analysis.
Coronation Street is the longest on going soap opera in the UK. I chose to analyse this specific episode of Coronation Street, as I believe it covers an important issue. It focuses on the aftermath of someone being raped.

The title sequence is a short graphical sequence which opens every episode of Coronation Street. It traditionally contains various shots of terraced streets representing the programme’s setting of Weatherfield. The first 22 seconds of the episode are the opening titles. At the end of the 22 seconds the titling appears on the screen (“Coronation Street”). There is the famous theme tune being played throughout the full 22 seconds, this has always been the theme tune ever since the show started in 1960. However, the actual titling has been changed many times over the years. In fact the titling sequence has changed eight times over the past 51 years, normally when a new producer of the show begins. As the episode begins, the writers name appears, along with the director’s name.

The scene begins with two women, one crying on the floor. We are presented with the main character of this particular episode. The other woman in this scene is Maria, a few months ago in the soap, she was nearly raped, by the same man, however no one believed her. The producers have purposely used this scene at the beginning of the episode to remind viewers of the events that occurred in the previous episode. Shot reverse shot is used throughout this scene to show the expressions and emotions of both women after this awful attack of rape.

At 49 seconds the shot changes to a man sitting in a car looking guilty, with his hand on his face. This is the man who we are led to believe has raped the woman. This is a quick shot, as it quickly changes to the owners of the off license. Frank (the man who has supposedly raped Carla), walks into the off license, acting like his usual, happy self, with not a look of remorse on his face for what he has done. If you are a follower of the soap you would understand the storyline of Carla and Frank, they were meant to be getting married, but he ended up raping her when she told him she didn’t want to marry him anymore. This is an important part of the episode as it is forewarning the viewers that Frank is clearly not going to admit what he has done.

For the next minute, we listen and watch as the police talk and question Carla in her home about the awful event. As an audience, we emphasise with her and some viewers may also relate to her, as this could have happened to them. Coronation Street always seems to focus on serious issues that occur in everyday life. They always use the correct ways of going about it, to try and not upset their viewers. The shot quickly changes to a concerned friend of Carla’s, Peter who is currently lying to his wife about meeting up with her. This is something that could kick off in the later parts of the episode.

At 5 minutes, 13 seconds, Frank bursts through the door pretending nothing has happened, ignoring the fact that the police are even present. Carla tries to attack him, as Frank still pretends like he doesn’t know what is happening. Carla is mortified and Frank is then arrested by the police. Peter turns up at the crime scene shouting at Frank as he is being taken away. This could be giving an idea to the viewers that maybe he does have feelings for Carla after all? Maybe something will happen in a later episode?

After the break has finished, we are taken straight to the police station, where Carla is being checked over by a doctor specialised in cases of rape. The doctor talks to Carla about important issues such as taking the morning after pill. This scene could be quite upsetting to some viewers, as the issues could be close to home. She is examined and bruises are found over her body, which could also cause some discomfort at home.

Peter arrives home to his wife, looking extremely distressed. His wife