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Corporal Punishment is a Crime
I, walking near my home, saw a young bruised boy who was sobbing and crying. I asked him, "what has happened to you?" He told me that his father beat him up harshly. This boy, who was a victim of corporal punishment, was suffering from a severe pain caused by careless parenting. Corporal punishment, which is a form of physical punishment that is used to discipline criminals, has been widely discussed issue in many places recently.
For the past several years, many psychiatrists, sociological researchers, and parents challenged ceasing corporal punishment, and many countries including Canada, Germany, Spain, Greece and Venezuela banned physical punishment, at home or in schools. However, it is still practiced in even some of the greatest nations. For instance, in the United States, corporal punishment is legal thing except few states such as New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maine, and California. In my view, corporal punishment should be banned because it causes low academic success, poor parent-child relationships, and aggressive attitudes in many children.
First, corporal punishment distracts children from learning. It makes them nervous and causes their cognitive skills to go down. Many children cannot stay focused on their education, but they rather think of the pain of spanking. John Holt, a psychologist and behaviorist, said, "When we make a child afraid, we stop learning dead in its tracks." John has been observing this issue for many years, and he discovered the link between spanking children and doing their schools poorly. Corporal punishment can harm many children's' mental cognition; therefore, it should be banned.
Many people believe that punishment makes children work hard. For instance, when I was young, my father used to beat me up whenever I skip the school. Similarly, many parents hit their children to go to school. In this case, corporal punishment can be effective; however, it has a negative impact on majority of children. Therefore, it should be banned.
Second, corporal punishment causes poor parent-child relationships; many children develop hatred against their parents after they are spanked. For instance, one day, I saw a bunch of people that crowded an old man who was lying on the ground, and I asked the crowd what happened to him. A woman told me that the old man was suffering from hunger, and did not have someone who feeds him. She added that the old man had a rich son, and the son neglected him. I thought that the son was cruel. To know more about him, I asked her, "Why did he neglect his father?", and she told me that the father used to beat the son when the son was young; hence, the son left from home. The son grew by himself and developed animosity against his dad never realized the value of his father. After that, when he grew up, he never talked with his dad. The father became older, and he could not take care of himself, so he needed someone who helps him. This story demonstrates how corporal punishment causes bad bonds between children and their parents. Studies Prepared by Ronald L. Pitzer, Family Sociologist, University of Minnesota, proved a study they made that 40-50 percent of the people said they felt hatred against their parents after they were smacked by their parents.
One might argue that corporal punishment makes children respect their parents. For instance, there is a famous saying which says, “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Many people take this saying as an excuse to spank their children. However, this maxim is not proposing a solution, and there are many other ways to