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Corporal Punishment Why Corporal Punishment is an Affective Technique in Child Discipline. I know many of us have been in a department store or shopping at the mall and saw a kid about eight or nine years old screaming and cursing at their mom and hitting her on her leg because she refused to buy them what they want. Some you probably said to yourself, why is that little kid so rude? Or maybe you were like me and said why can’t she just discipline him for being disrespectful? Some parents fail to affectively discipline their child/children when they display the wrong behavior. According to the Manuel of Developmental Problem and Behavioral Problems in Children, this can cause spoiled child syndrome and encourages the wrong behavior. Spoiling the child can lead to temper tantrums such as, physical aggression, defiance, destructive behavior, and can lead to anger problem when they become adults. You could be one of these parents in the future if you don’t consider corporal punishment or discipline to you child or children’s while their still young.
I will like to convince you that if used with the right intention, Corporal punishment is an effective way to teach your child self-discipline and morals. Let me begin by telling you exactly what Corporal punishment is. Corporal punishment is a form of physical punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain, as a consequence for behavior deemed wrong. According to Jay Hafling who is a pastor and a father of four kids, “Corporal punishment or better known as spanking is appropriate when the child understands that something is forbidden or off limits and exhibit willfulness against those boundaries.” The proper age to start using Corporal punishment as a disciplinary action is when the child is two years old, because at this stage in their life they learn to exert their will against their parents’ and in some case against everyone else. Doug McDaniel’s a psychologist; believe there’s an appropriate way of spanking your child if they misbehave. The only proper body part to spank a child is on their hands or buttocks, Spanking should generally be carried out in private: to avoid humiliating the child. Once in the proper location, carefully explain why they are getting a spanking and precisely the behavior that got them in this situation. If possible have the child lay across your lap with their bottom up. Deliver each swat with an open hand only on their clothed bottom and only hard enough that they feel little pain and discomfort. Always follow up with comfort and assurance that’s because it lets the child know that you still love them despite their misbehavior. Some people disagree with using Corporal punishment to discipline kids. Some organizations say Corporal punishment can make a child have criminal behavior and aggression. According to Elizabeth Gershoff who is a psychologist at the APA, “this has less to do with Corporal punishment and more to do with the child and parent relationship”. Others say that Corporal punishment can humiliate a child instead of discipline them. Once again, Doug McDaniel who is a psychologist, believe that humiliation can be avoided by taking the child into a private place before spanking them. So there shouldn’t be any excuses for not giving the child proper discipline. Most critics of domestic Corporal punishment say that it can destroy the mutual relationship between a child and their parent. This is Gershoff respond to these critics. “The act of corporal punishment itself is different across parents vary in how frequently they use it, how forcefully they administer it, how emotionally aroused they are when they do it, and whether they combine it with other techniques. Each of these qualities of corporal punishment can determine which child-mediated processes are