Corporate Communications Strategy Assessment 2: Briefing Questions

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MC6002 Corporate Communications Strategy Assessment 2 – Additional Briefing Notes

December 15th 2014

This individual assessment, is in effect, a logical development of the Corporate Strategy (and the communications implications thereof) consultancy briefing presentation that was carried out in groups for Assessment 1 and focused on the following organisations:

Rio Tinto
Aldi UK
British Red Cross

Individual Corporate Communications Strategy and Planning Report/Proposal (60%) and Stakeholder Justification/Prioritisation (10%). Both to be submitted within one single and “seamless” document.
After seeing the presentations in class and reviewing the briefings, as posted on WebLearn, individual students should choose one of the above named organisations (different to the organisation you covered for your Assessment 1) to work on for the remainder of the module.

Using the module material, the Individual Project requires the preparation of a written Strategic Public Relations Plan of around 3,000 words (+/- 10%) for your chosen organisation that responds to the strategic communications challenges identified in earlier group PR Strategy Briefing. However, you will also need to supplement this earlier work with your own individual research, analysis and a review of that organisation and its current corporate communications.

This additional research will both allow you to determine the accuracy and validity of the original group work and further develop/update the analysis that was apparent at the time of the first Assessment. The exercise will also help you familiarise yourself with that organisation and its place within a potentially changing external environment eg Rio Tinto, Barclays etc.

The individual project requires students to undertake analysis and to demonstrate commercial awareness in bringing together all the elements of the PR toolkit into a coherent and commercially viable corporate communications strategy proposal.

The resulting written proposal/report is intended to be a reflective, critical and commercially aware piece of work (incorporating consideration of CSR, Investor Relations, Internal Communications, Lobbying and Governance) which will be useful evidence of core public relations planning skills to employers.

Given the size, complexity, range of identified stakeholders and number of markets served etc by some of the organisations named above, it is important that you consider setting priorities for your strategy proposals and consider setting out certain parameters for your proposals, particularly bearing in mind the restrictions of word count etc for this assessment. Such parameters etc should be highlighted within an introductory section to your proposals.

It is envisaged that your strategy proposals should focus particularly on an analysis of the current situation faced by your chosen