A Brief Note On Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture
Aaron Lynn| Grantham University

Corporate Structure
In this PowerPoint I will defend why it is essential for an organization to have a positive corporate culture. In addition discuss ways that an organization can improve a negative culture


Positive Corporate

What company wants unhappy people selling product.

Being Positive
What are the positives to a positive employee culture.

Excitement from the employee to client. 

Positive attitudes demonstrating or selling product

Increase sales activity

Increase buzz about a company

Able to hire better employees

Production stays high

What are the negatives to a positive employee culture

Negative Culture
What is a negative culture?
A negative culture can cripple a company

How does it happen?
Bad corporate culture comes from bad decision makers or overall lack of management. How can a company fix this problem?
If a company lacks the ability to make sound decisions the CEO or board needs to take the proactive measures to change management styles or the management team all together.

How to improve a negative culture

The first thing a CEO can do to improve the negative culture is find our where the negativity begins.

In most cases negativity starts at the bottom and works its way to the top 

If it can be fixed by a change in management do it immediately.

If it comes from culture or beliefs it may be time to update procedure.

It Just Takes One.