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Corporate Culture in Unique Technology Companies
Amy Walker
Columbia Southern University
BBA Business Ethics 5B14
Dr. Mark Friske

Abstract Corporate culture consists of groups with the same values, norms and similar professional interests. Three organizations that play a part in similar technological backgrounds but, provide different corporate cultures are Google, Microsoft, and Apple. These are well known and very sought after companies for potential employees and are competitors in the computer and technology world. Although these organizations provide similar technological innovations their corporate cultures are very different. Google is an organization that gives their employees a fun place to work, Microsoft offers both a “laid back” and professional environment, and Apple offers benefits and a professional environment to their employees.

Corporate Cultures in Unique Technology Companies Why are some corporate cultures sought after more than others by potential employees? Do these large technological companies corporate cultures work? Some of the larger technology organizations provide a diverse corporate culture that provides a staid white collar or fun and relaxed corporate atmosphere. These technology organizations have different credos and business ethics that make their corporate culture some of the most sought after by university graduates and senior technology personnel alike. These corporations promote diversity and creativity that can be classified as a healthy corporate culture. Other organizations want to try some of the innovative ideas that make personnel happy and willing to promote success for their corporation. In these organizations a happy culture will help employees find ways to make their organization a success because they are determined to stay long-term with a company that makes them want to go to work every day and do their best. The three main corporations with this corporate culture are Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Microsoft has had both good and bad reviews of their corporate culture. Some say that it is a dreary place to work and that you have to know people in order to receive promotions or advance in the company. Microsoft offers an array of wonderful culture for their employees when the stress to get a deadline in is too much, Microsoft offers a lot of different stress-free venues at their offices. “ Does your workplace offer you professional-quality soccer fields, baseball fields, basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, regular fully-funded “morale” events, social groups by interest, amazing Christmas parties (in a local downtown hotel, with drinks, food, dancing, entertainment, roaming photographers, etc.), a café complex that includes about a dozen local restaurants, an in-house bicycle shop, game rooms, video games in the common areas, pool tables, XBOX consoles plugged in to huge projection-size televisions (some with Kinect controllers), art work in every hallway and corridor (including some art pieces that are truly amazing, like the four-story light array in one of the Game Studio buildings), and open meeting areas for spontaneous conversation and collaboration? “(Discovering Microsoft’s Corporate Culture, 2014). Although, this organization offers such wonderful incentive does not mean they are not hard taskmasters, this is the reason they offer such stress free adventures for their employees, in order to make their lives a little more relaxed because producing new technology can be very time consuming and stressful. Apple is similar to Microsoft in their cultures but, they all believe that they can goof off and play around at work but, would rather be working to get the job done so that at the end of the day they can go home and enjoy their families. Apple’s corporate culture is more of a ‘no compromise’ type culture, they believe in their Design department and marketing department. They offer a wonderful atmosphere, but no