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Responsibility that is ethical and social of a business is usually that they use all of their resources in such a way that it will not affect individuals and their communities, socially or physically. It is the principles or habits of the companies that they have to take care of the people and the environment in which they are operating their business and producing profits. Social responsibility covers all of the individuals that have investments, shares or interest in the business. An example of this is a stakeholders, customers, employees, etc. Apple is one of the most important companies in technology in the world. Apple has expressed their concerns for the environment and the general public. Apple is the first company that are in technology that joined the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and will volunteer for audits that are unprecedented. The management at Apple are able to guarantee all of the processes of production are all regulated according to the laws regulation on both international and local levels. Apple is able to maintain a standard code of ethics for those they supply and they insist their suppliers are able to comply with the standards of Apple (MicKenzie, 2012). They have put into action training that is extensive for their staff and programs for the people they employ and for the suppliers which helps them to improve their procedures along with technology. Apple is still having some problems in regards to their behavior which is both ethical and social. One of the basic problems that Apple is having is they are a diverse and complex supply business. As a business Apple does follow the social responsibility of a corporation but as a chain in supple there have been times in the past where they have struggled. They have contributed money to make money in development and preparation of their employees and their suppliers. Apple have about 200 vendors which are major all over the world. With some countries, for example China, they have some concerns about the responsible activities which are both ethical and social. The industry of electronics have been facing problems such as work conditions being under paid and extended work hours. Apple has been able to show in their reports of social responsibility that they have been able to get to 92% in compliance with the normal work week of sixty hours of work. While they are continuously working together closely with the vendors they supply to help narrow down any gaps. Next they have begun to introduce many development training and skill programs not just for the workers but for the managers as well. With the programs in place for skill development and training they will help prepare the workers and managers about any laws that are local, labor rights, and occupational health and safety. This way they are able to create awareness between the workers of the suppliers. In 2012, Apple was able to train 1.2 million employees and this number is twice that of 2008 (Dlaz, 2012). Apple has put in place a strategic plan not to fire any suppliers that have or are in violation of the code of ethics and have worked very close with that vendor and assisted them in adopting and proving their standards and processes. If they let that vendor go, then it will continue be the same with other suppliers so they took this procedure with a much more physical social responsibility and began to continue with the collaborations of their vendors which will help them to begin improving in them. Here are a few examples of how Apple is a corporation that is socially responsible. Apple is able to carry on audits that are thorough of their vendors and guarantee that the suppliers are able to provide information that is true and accurate about their actions. These are all fundamental points of codes of ethics for their suppliers. They are able to perform interviews with the suppliers’ employees and provide them direct communication links when they need to