Corporate Responsibilty and Marketing Strategies Essay examples

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Promotional and Advertising Strategies
Contemporary Business

This assignment based on Apple Corporation, about current position and reputation regarding ethical and social responsibility also the strategies that it currently employs to market its products. Apple Inc, is an American multinational corporation and world’s second largest information technology company; they designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Apple was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs &Steve Wozniak on April 1,1976.Apple has earned first place among Fortune magazine’s world’s most admired companies also many believe that Apple’s success stems from a combination of
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Product boycott is very short-lived if it is not threat to consumers ‘ health and safety’ and possibly that’s why Apple still enjoys broad customer loyalty in China even though they have knowledge of these working conditions. Media coverage and public pressure are also declined when Apple has suffered no loss in demands for its products which is also continue to grow in the market, moreover Apple’s competitors also use all the same factories with similar labor practice and cost structure. In 2012, February shareholders meeting, no one of them asked questions about the labor situation in China, but they successfully gained changes in Apple’s board election procedures. According to a new report, iPhone ownership increased 42% in the fourth quarter in the U.S. it has significantly increased from 35% in 2012 during the same quarter. Apple iPhone 5S took the largest share of iPhone of iPhone sales at 59% in the last quarter in 2013. According to research from CIRP’ Appl’s iPhones 5S has grabbed the biggest shares in sales in the U.S. Some analysts believes Apple Inc may reach to $1000 per share in two years Right now customers care more about new iPhone than working conditions in China.

c) Two methods that Apple can utilize to ensure that its suppliers adhere to wage and benefits standards going forward. Apple