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Green’s Great
Things Corporate
Instructor: Linda Emmele
Class: Ethics 316
Team C: Kerrie Torrez,

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Our Company & the
 Provide

Veteran’s & Spousal Preference
Job Share for Students and Parents

 Provide


Community Support

Local and national charities
Ecologically conscious initiatives

 Provides

Educational Opportunities

Job Training & Promote from within policies
Scholarships & Reimbursement

Statement of

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We support families, in all forms, new and old. We support education, and training to help people succeed together. We support Equal
everyone deserves to be treated fairly.

Statement of

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We support veterans and their families.
We support ecologically conscious green initiatives for our workplace and community. We support your input on our changing future! Goodwill Homeless Veterans
Veterans Benefits

Residential Assistance
Resume and interview preparation Wardrobe and travel assistance
Disability assistance
Scholarship assistance

Community Benefit

Less Homelessness and related issues Wider pool of Talent
Wider tax base
Assist decrease in enlistment
Better educated community

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Human Resources

What actions we will need to take to begin the campaign. 

Contact our legal department to begin proceedings to create documentation on our proposal to fund Goodwill’s
Homeless Veterans program in our area.
Contact our marketing department for promotional materials and employee contribution forms. Also request a web page advertising the new campaign and a donation button.
Contact our accounting department to create an account to put employee and company contributions in.
Also request they review any tax issues this may cause.
Contact employees to let them know we will be looking for volunteers to spread the word on our new campaign.

Materials to


• Via email and on intranet Provide Approved
Time Off for

• 2 hours to distribute forms and solicit employee contributions

Create interest by offering time-off lottery from employees contributing

• 2 half day off prizes • 1 one day off prize • 1 two day off
Grand prize

Begin a preferred interview process with Goodwill’s qualified candidates


Work with human resources to reach out to banks for special accounts to house funds for our support of the
Goodwill’s Homeless
Veterans Program.
Research tax issues and take any necessary action to prevent problems.
Suggest to management they work with other local companies to pool charitable funds for this program. Community

Establish contact with representatives of Goodwill

Express Green’s Great
Things desire to contribute and join efforts to enhance the lives' of Veterans

Explain Green’s Great
Things CSR and mission.

Work with representatives to establish community awareness of our efforts

Working with our Human
Resource Department we would like to offer Veterans: