Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

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Corporate social responsibility is a big concern in the companies as it gives a lot of benefits to the companies. Without implementing corporate social responsibility, company might involve in controversies because they are not interested in their communities. The purpose of the journal is to analyze of corporate social responsibility which focus on two complementary trends, the institutional theory and the stakeholder approach.

The theoretical approaches which are the institutional theory and stakeholder approach that review and analyze the literature about corporate social responsibility is the method use
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For institutional theory, it basically tells corporate social responsibility activities reflect how the pressure that the companies’ faced that will condition their decisions as it may determine their survival in the market. Meanwhile for stakeholder approach, by linking domestic interest groups and the company, they are able to exercise power over the social responsibility’s decision. By implementing theoretical approaches, it can be argued that the response to pressures and economic, social, ethical and environmental requirements of the different stakeholders of the company that makes up its environment help the organizations to increase their …show more content…
It clearly explains about the need of companies to adopt corporate social responsibility.

Next, the journal did get a little complicated as the methodology used was only the structured review of literature. So, it is quite difficult to identify the result in this journal. However, the review and analysis of the literature about corporate social responsibility were clearly explained. As the journal was only presented the structured review, there is no table, graph or figure provided but the author’s major findings were clearly presented.

Next, the conclusions were based on the results and it was logically stated. The limitations and future research suggestions were included in the conclusions. Overall, the journal is well-written with a crucial message to companies which is the importance of carrying out the corporate social responsibility as a strategy of legitimation and survival for companies. These theories are really convincing when taken as a