Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

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RUNNING HEADER: Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

Corporate Social Responsibility Plan


Thank you for allowing a platform for me to provide evidence as to why the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan would be beneficial to Geometric. The information that follows provides information and examples of CSR plans. There is evidence to support the cost effectiveness of these plans.
If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information provided, I would be happy to address these at your convenience. .

Adopting a strategic Corporate Social Responsibility plan provides a business opportunities and possibilities for business growth, attracting employees and maintaining employee
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Resource management will enable better management and the conservation of strategic assets, saving time and money. Stakeholder management, the CSR will create better internal and external relationships for stakeholders.
CSR projects do not need to be one department’s responsibility. They may be executed and marketed through many different divisions within the company. A dedicated CSR team, business development teams, the HR department, public relations and the CEO all could be vital in the success of the plan. JP Morgan Chase provides an excellent core value message in CSR reporting. It includes a brief statement of core values followed by a generic definition of each. “Behaviors and principles that describe what we stand for – integrity and respect – and what we deliver – excellence and innovation. Integrity – Striving at all times to do what’s right and adhere to the highest ethical standards. Respect – Valuing the perspectives and expertise of all to surface the best ideas and insights. Excellence – Achieving high-quality results by continuous improvement and superb execution. Innovation – Going beyond the commonplace to break new ground. (J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., 2004)”
Geometric is in the business of providing engineering services to major original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). The talent pool for engineers has all but dried up compared to this last year, making the challenge of finding qualified candidates even harder.