Corporate Sponsorships Essay

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Corporate Sponsorships
Nowadays all you see when you walk into a school are corporate sponsor’s ads everywhere; posters hanging on the walls, around football fields, and on school uniforms. As a student, I strongly believe that corporations should sponsor high schools. Corporate sponsorships in public schools are appropriate because they provide funding to schools and they allow local businesses to show their support. First and foremost, if corporations sponsored high schools the school could get funding and discounts. One sport, which I personally play, is soccer. This year we needed new uniforms for all the new people that made the team. We searched different places to find the right price and we finally figured out that the adidas company had the best offer. They offered us a discount on the uniforms if we bought them as a group. It benefitted us because we got new uniforms at for only 7 dollars, and it benefitted them because they got there logo spread, by the Sac Valley #1 League champions.
The next reason why I think corporations should sponsor high schools is because it gives a chance for local businesses to show their support. For example, during football season it is tough for some people to pay for all the equipment like the jerseys. Local businesses like Pizza Factory and La Mexicana agree to help by participating in a football discount card. This is where they put an ad in a football card and the athletes sell it for 10 dollars. They get advertised,…