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Unit 1 – P1
Gina Coelho

Primary sector- The primary sector is a very important part of the process of producing products for a business/organisation this sector has many aspects to include some of which are: Growing Felling trees Producing raw goods Farming Mining Quarrying Forestry Obtaining raw materials Obtaining natural products from land or sea And many others.
In the primary sector the employees in this department will have to ensure that they do one of these processes listed above as its part of the primary process. An example of a business/organisation in the primary sector (produces its own products) would be westward fishing company because, they are given the resources and raw materials and then they will set out to go and catch the fish themselves this company is also a national company as it operates across the country. Westward fishing company provides a product which is the fish that’s caught by fisherman and then sent to a shop to sell producing a service.
Secondary sector – The secondary sector, this sector is made up of loads of different businesses that will manufacture or construct goods an example of this would be Apsley paper mill in which they process wood at their mill and makes it into paper, this business to me would be local because its located in Hertfordshire and this is where I live. Apsley paper mill is providing a product which is the paper being produced there. In the secondary sector you are expected to do a list of expectations depending on what the job or order may be some of which include: Manufacturing Engineering Energy production Construction
Dyson hoovers are a very good example of this as they get given raw materials in order to produce the hoovers. Dysons is an international company because of the many companies that are around the world.
Tertiary sector- This sector is also very crucial in a business as it will provide the services such as: Private Public Voluntary Not for profit
Four out of five people will be working in the tertiary sector today providing all kinds of services, as it is a fairly easy job to get and the economy is bad at the moment. An example of a tertiary sector is the emergency services because they provide a service for people. The emergency services are a global company as they operate in different countries around the world. A different tertiary sector would be a corner shop because it does not make its own products it sells and provides services to people and this can be local to anyone in different areas with different corner shops. Also people that tend to work in tertiary sectors is growing more and more as it’s much easier to get into than a primary or secondary sector.
Private sector- In the private sector the owners all own a share of the business or can buy a share of it and these are then known as the shareholders of the company. They are also the directors in the business this means that they will therefore help run the company. An example of a private sector would be swans travel which is also national as it will only operate all over the UK, the businesses purpose is to provide travel service to its customers and make a profit by this by covering all costs such as petrol or insurance. Another example will be virgin media with s international and will provide a service to customers which will be internet and tv channels. In this sector the owners take risks here and they will sacrifice their own money as they are so determined to make their business successful, however they may get too use to taking risks and become greedy this will be a downfall for the business because they could lose out and may have lent too much money in order to increase their profits resulting in failure as they’ve lent too much. Also private sector businesses are owned by private citizens.
Public- A public sector operates for the benefits of members of the public, rather than just gaining…