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Riordan Manufacturing – New System Proposal

CIS207 – Week 3

John Korzeniowski

Jennifer Schneider, Cory Schroeder, Theresa Bierek, Daniel Kaufman, Andrew Creamer

Riordan Manufacturing – New Ssystem Proposal One of the business process changes that will need to be made is the change from the Satellite link, or WAN connection to the MPLS. How this process will need to take place is, first, to install the new hardware to make sure it is running steadily on a test basis - So, running it on, perhaps a test computer, or network first. Once the MPLS is proving to allow faster connection, without any glitches, making the switch would need to take place quickly as this will effectaffect how all offices within Riordan communicate with one another, and will effectaffect how all information is transferred between offices. The best time to do this would be a Friday evening when the office on the West coast closes. When the corporate headquarters closes, the tech team should come in to start working in the evening. This will allow for extra time to set things up over the weekend should there be any glitches, so that it does not interrupt standard working hours for the U.S. offices. Considering Friday night is when the switch would start, the office in China would also have already been closed for many hours, so it would not interrupt their working hours either. Each office would also have to have a team of tech workers there to update their systems to connect to the corporate office once the corporate office has been updated to MPLS, and each tech team member from each office should be able to communicate with each other to make sure all offices are communicating properly. If everything goes according to plan, the switch will take place, the offices updated, and all things working smoothly, faster, and will help allow the next transitions to take place with more speed considering there would now be a much wider bandwidth to work off of. Once this portion of the update is complete, the next step would be to update the offices from the slower 100baseT to the 1000baseF to increase the speed and productivity between offices even more. The same steps and methods would need to be taken as the switch from Satellite to WAN in order to make the switches safely, efficiently, and to avoid interrupting business production.
The paper would flow better if you were using APA subheadings to break up the content of the paper. Increasing web and mobile connections with the internal network can prove useful for employees frequently on the move. After upgrading the office buildings to MLPS, technicians should start looking into installing an 802.11n wireless network. This will allow individuals access to the network from an approved mobile device, such as a company cell phone or company laptop. A secure VPN can be setup to allow access from abroad, so traveling employees can get into the company network from outside of the Riordan offices. With better access to the network, employees will have real time information and be able to communicate more effectively. The wireless access point (WAP) would be hardwired into the current networking back end. Since no current operationscurrent operations are being changed, adding the wireless networks should not affect business and can be done when ready. To improve internet safety, WAP's would need to be configured before allowed full access to the network and connecting devices. The firewall should be enabled, as well as using WPA2-Enterprise with a passcode up to 63 characters. Once the wireless access points have been distributed and configured, the next step is connect to the system and begin testing. Once technicians have deemed the new network as working, Riordan can begin approving devices to connect. To save on costs of purchasing mobile devices for all employees, Riordan can implement a BYOD, or bring your own device, system. A mobile department can be assembled, and used to