Corrections Can Be Made To Overgrazing, Over Cultivation, And Deforestation

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April Lyons
Everest University

There are many very important corrections that can be made to overgrazing, over cultivation, and deforestation. There are some easy and simple ways that can work as there are some more difficult ways to fix these issues. They are necessary to keep our planet sustainable, and thriving for generations to come. Taking the necessary steps, will only do good for our economy, and important ecosystems, that keep our wheels moving. Deforestation is such a problem in today’s world, that doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, even with our shift to technology taking over our newspapers, and magazines. Even with our drive to be more eco-friendly, things aren’t changing fast enough. We need a bigger shift on recycling to fix deforestation. Using alternative’s such as hemp, which could save most of our deforestation issues. Since hemp is smaller, and is easier to grow, its crops would actually be more providing for our paper needs, and even for use in furniture, and other wood related products. Also keeping in mind not to over crop, as that creates another issue called over cultivating. The issues with over cultivating comes with the fact that when you over cultivate, the soil loses precious nutrients that it stores. Once that happens, you get soil erosion, sometimes so bad, that as history tells us about the great dust bowl back in the thirties. One of the quickest and easiest fixes to over cultivation, is to let time in between growing, so that the soil can regenerate its precious nutrients, and minerals. Another method to help with soil erosion is to use fertilizers, as it replenishes the soil faster. Another big way to not have over cultivating issues is to have sprays that kill weeds, and not let it spread. Conditioning the soil, and protecting it by killing the weeds could help with over cultivating problems, which we face today. Over grazing is another problem that we’ve need to overcome, that can also lead to over cultivating. One of the main ways to solve this issue, is to let the animals feed over wider areas, and in blocks. In doing so, you let the soil keep more of its nutrients, thus giving time for the grass to grow healthy and allow…