Corrections Trend Evaluation Essay

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Corrections Trend Evaluation
Diana Robles
August 13, 2012
University of Phoenix

Corrections Trend Evaluation
There have been many different and difficult trends among the justice system. These include many issues and controversy over centuries. We as society now learn and comprehend that our justice system is improving within time and developing a different theory to analyze in a better way what can be done to keep improving it. An evaluation will be described including the past, present, and the future of what is now the development and operational of the institutional community is based on corrections. As well as the issues and the future issues that prison and prisons administrators and the way the correction
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The more prisons there is and disposition grows by putting more pressure on the justice system and to the correctional system (Muraskin &Roberts, 2009). This will only result in increasing the costs of getting more prisons, the overcrowding; having inmates with a mild sentence and long periods of time will only create more reply in contradiction of the use of prisons (Muraskin &Roberts, 2009). Another issue is how the public thinks and assures that treatment is not enough and it is not the solution for inmates to stop committing crimes (Muraskin &Roberts, 2009). As well as in how treatment is viewed as a disappointment in the public media (Muraskin &Roberts, 2009).
Role/ Issue of alternate correction systems
Now a days there is a huge problem dealing with correction systems therefore the incarceration that is current right now is not working as well as possible political economy of the correction and the public and politicians can at some point make the reform more difficult (Inayatullah,2002). As last said, if nothing is not done or change crime will only keep increasing and released prisoners will continue to become a threat to the public safety (Inayatullah, 2002).
The justice system was crated to the ones that deserve it, this include criminal that violate the law and commit any type of crime. This system has been alive over centuries ago therefore it has been developing and growing as a stronger system (Inayatullah, 2002). The past and the history