Corrupted: Mother and Baby Girl Essay

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“Things change and people leave but life doesn’t stop for anybody”. In the early spring of March 13th 1996 A beautiful baby girl was born 9 pounds 2 ounces. Her mother and father were very much aware of the responsibilities they will have to conquer in order to raise a baby better yet a baby girl who was innocent and very precious. My Parents are two different people their goals were definitely not correct at the time. My mother was very young 17 years old she was beautiful long black thick hair, nice curvy body, silky brown skin and a pleasant smile topped it all off. She never got the chance to graduate high school or enjoy her life as a young teen she was frustrated and was full of regret. My father on the other hand was 5 years older than my mom he wanted a family so he could settle down and raise us that’s what he wanted he was a very good man deep inside he was always able to provide and put food on the table in those specific areas he was perfect. He also had his flaws though he was a very quiet man he refused to communicate and show his emotions towards anyone you could never tell when he was happy he never smiled, laughed, or showed love he never gave hugs, kisses or said I love you that took a toll on a young mother she wanted love and affection And my father wasn’t able to do that so she searched were she could find it. Every night my mother would leave for hours and go somewhere I didn’t know and never questioned her and her where a bouts