Corruption: Debut Albums and Life Time Essay

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We all go through a consequence in our life time or every day, depending on what kind of person we truly are. One consequence I went through was fighting, for my first time ever I may have a big mouth but I never got to the point where I’d actually hit someone until one Sunday afternoon. I’m usually pretty honest to my mom I tend to tell her how it is, always letting her know what’s new or what’s been going on but this Sunday I wasn’t sure if I should’ve told her after lit has happened I wanted to but I thought she’s think that I was proud of what had happened. I wasn’t proud. It wasn’t even my fault. The night before I fought she went over to my aunt’s house, same neighborhood that the fight had happened. The day I fought that night the girl’s mom came to my aunt’s house to complain to my mom about how her daughter was hurt that she might have a broken nose. My mom was in total shock, my mom told her that there was no way I’d have done that to her daughter.
My mom came home, furious; confused on a bridge of tears building up on her eyes, holding them back. She stormed to her room, where I was laying down once I saw her open the door the look on her face said it all. I knew she found out, but who had told her? She was shouting telling me to get ready that we were leaving, I got dressed and we walked outside to the truck we got in, pure silence covered us, awkwardly. I started to laugh to break the silence, my mom with a rage started yelling “WHO’D YOU GET IN A FIGHT WITH! WHO DID TOU HIT?! WHY DID YOU DO IT JUDITH!” she