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Act 1:
In the first Act, Lewis undertakes to direct a group of patients in the mental institution in a play because “I need the money.” Initially there is some disagreement about what play to put on. Roy, the most enthusiastic (and also one of the most extremely behaved), wants to put on the opera Cosi Fan Tutte, despite the fact that no one can read Italian (which the opera is written in) or sing. Lewis is against the idea because it is impractical, and also because of the themes of the opera – “Love is not so important nowadays.” Eventually he agrees to do the opera. However, there are a number of hurdles. Firstly, Doug, a pyromaniac (and the other most extremely behaved patient), sets fire to a toilet and threatens to have the project cancelled. Doug is removed from the show after he lights a second fire outside and Lewis is convinced by Roy to play the part of Ferrando. Lewis also finds it very difficult to direct the patients. Lewis’ more experienced friend Nick, though, is able to direct them more easily. But his arrogance – “Christ, you’ll never be a director until you can convince them that what you want to do is what they want to do” – and his lack of empathy for their views – gets him offside with a number of the patients. Towards the end of the act Lewis begins to find more confidence directing the patients and has begun to develop a friendship with Julie.
Act 2:
Things seem to be going well at the start of the second act. Rehearsals are well…