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Centuries ago, one’s physical attributes were determined solely by ones genetic DNA. However, in today’s modern age, there are several surgical procedures that designed to physically alter ones physical appearance. Three of the most common procedures would be Rhinoplasty, Mammoplasty and Liposuction. Today I will be discussing how these medical procedures work and their effect on today’s modern age.

Cosmetic surgery dates back to ancient India, it was first introduced when a doctor named Mohammed Varshney wanted to improve the appearance of wounded soldiers after they were permanently injured in certain parts of the face and body He was the first person to perform Rhinoplasty on one of his patients who was left with a broken nose in battle . After one successful outcome, he began doing more Rhinoplasties on other wounded soldier and his work received large amounts of recognition from many doctors worldwide. From that day on cosmetic surgery had leaped into a new medical innovation.

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Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is done by putting the patient on anesthesia and then a surgeon will make an incision at the bottom of the tip of the nose and then that skin is peeled back and then pinned onto the gap between the eyebrows while the procedure takes place. As the surgeon is performing the surgery, he or she scrapes off the extra bone that makes the nose “unpleasing” to the eye. This medical procedure will cost vary between $1500 to $3000 U.S dollars depending on how much work you wish to have done and will take about 1.5-2 months to recover. Another example of cosmetic surgery is mammoplasty or breast argumentation. In this medical procedure the patient will be placed on anesthesia and the surgeon will begin their work while the patient is sleeping. The surgeon will cut off the nipple of the breast and the breast will fully open into a flattened piece of skin, tissue, and fat. Then the implants, either silicone or water bags will be placed in the breast and the nipple will be stitched back on when implants are secured safely in the beast. This cost for this procedure will start at 2,500 dollars and increase by cup size.
As you can see, the overall experience seems like a horrible one. Not only are the doctors cutting into the patients flesh,