Cosmetology Career Essay

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A Career As A Cosmetologist Could Be Perfect For You If You Have An Artistic Flair

If you've always loved doing other people's hair and trying different styles of makeup, then a career in cosmetology may be perfect for you. If you have a flair for styling hair and you have a friendly personality, then you could be a perfect fit for a job that is both fun and rewarding. Here are some things to know about choosing this career.

Going To Cosmetology School

The first thing to know about becoming a cosmetologist is the you have to be licensed by your state and the requirements for licensing vary by state. This is important to know in case you're planning to move in the near future or if you'll be working across state lines. You'll want to know the requirements for your new state too so you get the right training you need. The nice thing about going to cosmetology school is that it is easy to fit it around your current job if you have one.

You can go to school in the evenings part time or during the day full time. Classes generally start at set times throughout the year so you won't have to wait until next fall to start. The length of the classes vary. You'll need to meet the minimum hour requirements for licensing, but your school could be set up on a semester
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You'll learn about coloring hair, cutting it, and creating beautiful styles. In addition to styling hair, you'll also learn about makeup artistry and air brushing. These skills can provide you with the training you need to work in a spa or salon as well as working in the theater or on movie and television sets. Besides basic cosmetology skills such as makeup and hair styling, you can also add additional courses to round out your career. You may want to become certified in advanced makeup artistry or skin care so you can provide treatments in spas or dermatology clinics along side other professional