Cosmetology Research Paper

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Roger Nolan
Professor Cannon
Foundations of English 2
20 November 2014 Cosmetology

Devonna Kopp is a woman who wants to be best in whatever she does. She is a determined person, always working to achieve what she wants. She’s a person who moved to Missouri from Illinois just to try and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a cosmetologist. There is nothing that can stop her. “I never wanted to be just a hair stylist, I wanted to be a teacher in the field,” she says, but has worked with many different salons in the lake area since 1999. Mrs. Kopp sternly says, “Many teachers in this field are only in it for the money; they’re not in it to actually teach a student what they need to know to excel.” She states, "Cosmetology can be a rewarding career where not only are you just cutting someone’s hair, moreover you can actually change their lives." The field of cosmetology can be a fulfilling occupation; if a student properly learns the trade they can facilitate in elevating a persons' self - esteem. “Many people are under the misconception that a career in cosmetology can be a waste of time, but it was relatively different for me she states.” “I always wanted to become a licensed cosmetologist, but my family thought it would be a waste of time, so I became a waitress until I moved.” Born and raised in Illinois, she moved to Missouri in the mid-nineties looking for a change of direction in her life. She feels proud to have obtained her degree with Lake University of Cosmetology. She states, “I feel that a student can achieve a higher understanding of this field obtaining their degree at a private school rather than a public accredited school.” “Yes, private schools are more expensive now than what they were fifteen years ago, but I feel the student leaves with a better understanding than at a public school.” She was one of the few students that attended the University looking into the teaching aspect more so than just becoming a cosmetologist. “When I was attending the school I would have students asking me questions on how to achieve a certain look, and I showed them. When I saw the light bulb click, and I knew I helped them learn a new form of hair styling that was it for me: teaching was something I needed to do.” She graduated with her degree in cosmetology in the late Nineties, and shortly after obtained her teaching degree. “Hair Styles have changed a lot since I started school”, she states. “In the nineties everyone wanted long hair, however hairstyles are shorter now like bob styles with bright two toned highlights for women, and the pompadour Elvis Presley look for men is coming back.” “People are more esthetically aware of what they want now, more so than a decade ago,” she states. However, even with the field booming, it can be very hard to become successful. She mentions, “A student is only as good as their teacher.” “If a teacher takes time to show the student everything they need to know, and has patience, then they will surpass all expectations.” Nevertheless, if the teacher is just there as a warm body, and doesn’t educate like they're supposed to do, then the student will be wasting their time and money.” Once a student graduates