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Coming from a religious family, my father a strong catholic and my mother of Russian Orthodox I have been told to believe in creationism and how God created the universe in seven days. However growing up I have naturally thought to question this notion of creationism due to influences such as in education; examples being simply studying Biology and how we learn about evolution and the main influence, peers. In what way can this be detrimental to religion in the future? In this short essay I will be looking at the arguments for and against the existence of God relevant to the cosmological argument.
There are many arguments for and against God; therefore I am going to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the cosmological argument. The question of God’s existence is one of the perennial features of the philosophical landscape. The cosmological argument is a posterior argument which allows the human mind to locate God beyond this universe as well as offering an explanation for its existence. The theory behind this is that everything exists because it has been caused by something else in the past. The question is what was the first ‘something’ to start this seemingly infinite cycle of all these chain reactions to create the world we live in today? Therefore showing the cosmological argument was that it was God.
The premises for the cosmological argument is sound and is undeniable that the universe exists and difficult to get ones head around but to suggest that it came from nothing. By looking at Plato and Aristotle the forerunners in introducing the cosmological argument, Plato suggested that there must be a prime mover that is capable of moving himself and all other things in the universe. Aristotle also said that ‘the series must start from something since nothing came from nothing’ which supports Plato’s concept that how all moving things have a source of motion and there must be an original source unmoved by anything else. Supporting this is he ‘’philosopher of the Arabs’’ Al Kindi and how he developed Plato’s and Aristotle’s arguments and how nothing that exists can cause itself and how the world is not infinite so must have been caused, therefore the cause being God.
However there are flaws. It is inductive and makes assumptions that the prime mover or the first cause is possibly a God and does not even allude successfully to any other characteristic of his, other than being creative and if we are not satisfied with the argument of God as a being