Cost: Deductible and Insurance Companies Essay

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Let’s face it, we live in a world where having the option to put insurance on things is almost always optional, whether it is electronics, vehicles, your body or personal belongings in your apartment. In many places it is mandatory to have insurance on many objects. Me personally, I have to pay for my renters insurance and automobile otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live where I live or drive a vehicle. Health insurance however is optional. Although optional it’s always best to have health insurance due to unexpected medical issues or else the bills can be extreme.

When it comes to insurance there are many options available to choose from. Insurance companies are endless and often offer competitive rates in order to obtain your business. When trying to get vehicle coverage, insurance companies will look at the persons age, sex, how many years of driving experience, what kind of vehicle, how new the vehicle and how many miles a year the plan on driving just to name a few. All of those factors can determine your premium. Premiums often come in 6 months- 1 year option. A premium is the total of what a person has to pay in that time frame. All of those factors will determine the cost, along with the coverage the person wants to obtain. Deductibles are what the person has to pay in the event of a mishap. Usually the lower the deductible payment the higher the premium is.

Health insurance differs than auto. When trying to obtain health insurance it is important to note what it covers, what the co-payment is and like auto, what…