Cost Minimization, Differentiation and Focus of Mcdonalds Essay

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1. Introduction 2. Company profile 3. Stakeholders 4. Stakeholder analysis 5. Corporate strategy 6. Business strategy 7. Functional strategy 8. Operational strategy 9. Strategy and stakeholders 10. Conclusion 11. References 12. Appendix

1. Introduction

For any business, becoming and staying the market leader is a huge task, even for household names such as McDonald's. Keeping ahead involves continuous hard work to enhance the reputation of the brand, coupled with product innovation based on detailed market research that indicates how to please customers.
McDonald's has built its
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28)”.Main Interest or influence of each stakeholder;

McDonalds and their Stakeholders

In this piece of coursework I am going to describe the different stakeholders for McDonald’s and what they do, their roles in the business and why they keep an interest in the business. I am also going to describe why the business should keep a certain stakeholder happy and how important the stakeholder is to the business.

McDonald’s is a business that is well known for their burgers and meals. It’s a business that has extended itself all around the world such as the United Kingdom, U.S.A,
China, India and many more countries.

The stakeholders for McDonald’s are ;

Customers Pressure groups Local Community

Managers Employee Financiers

Suppliers Owner

Why every stakeholder is interested in McDonald’s

Each stakeholders are interested in McDonald’s for different reasons. Customers are interested in the company McDonald’s because they would want an interest in the new burgers or salads and offers the company are offering them. They would also keep a interest in the