Cost Scenario Essay

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Cost Scenario

University of Phoenix
October 22, 2012
Professor Adelaida Torres Dilan

Cost Scenario

The San Juan Cell Phones Scenario Summary talk about this company that manufacture cell phones where Maria Perez, a business development specialist, secured an order of 100,000 units with this major chain, which is an opportunity to the company to increase their production and their profit. Cell phones are very important to the community these days for business, to keep in touch with the family or just to feel independent and secure. The first cell phone was created in 1973 by Martin Cooper of Motorola and others assistants and in 1984 they were available to the public. Today cell phones are more than
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Key Facts
We are the largest communications holding company in the world by revenue. Operating globally under the AT&T brand, we are:

Proud to offer one of the world's most advanced and powerful global backbone networks, carrying 23.7 petabytes of data traffic on an average business day to nearly every continent and country, with up to 99.999 percent reliability.

The nation's fastest mobile broadband network — and it's getting faster with 4G — serving millions of customers and enabling them to travel and communicate seamlessly with the best worldwide wireless coverage — offering the most phones that work in the most countries. Offering voice coverage in more than 220 countries, data roaming in more than 200 countries and mobile broadband in more than 130 countries.

The only U.S. national service provider to offer a 100 percent IP-based television service with AT&T