Costa Rican People Essay

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Not only does Jaco Beach offer great surfing, but it offers other sports such as horseback riding, sport fishing and canopy tours. Jaco has experienced major growth in the last ten years. Hotels, bars, galleries and restaurants now line the streets throughout Jaco. Those who thrive on the night life will not be disappointed as the casinos and bars are full every evening. After you have put in a long day of sport fishing or sunbathing, you can now enjoy some excellent cuisine at Jaco's variety of restaurants.

Ticos are what the Costa Ricans are familiarly called. This was usually added to the end of words to denote smallness.

Many of the Costa Rican people are of European as well as mestizo decent. Most of the people of this area were powerless against such diseases as measles and the common cold which were carried by the Spaniards to this small country. The Costa Rican people have a great sense of pride because they have formed a unique nation to the entire world. Their history has been built upon tolerance and prosperity because they took to heart the positive lessons that they brought over from the old world.

For the years that followed World War II, Costa Rica remain tranquil in the midst of a sea of civil warfare that raged about them. In 1948, the people of Costa Rica decided to abolish their army. They decided to recruit platoons of forest rangers instead of infantrymen. The Costa Rican people have a deep sense of personal liberty, and it is very rare to find violence in this country. Although Costa Rica is small in size, it features a greater biodiversity than…