Costco History Essay

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The History of Costco Wholesale
DeAna Castro
Wilmington University
MGT 6501

Costco is a members only, international retail chain discount warehouse Club. They combine high quality merchandise with low prices. Costco began in 1976 as Price Club and restructured in 1997 as Costco Wholesales. Costco’s passion, mission, and ethics have been the key to the leading membership warehouse retail giant to supply their customers with low prices. Their low cost business strategies and dedication to their employees, suppliers and shareholders have proven success.

The History of Costco The history of Costco began in July, 1976, in San Diego, California, and its name was Price Club. It was cofounded by Sol and Robert
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Costco’s structure and culture, meets customer needs further than low prices. Costco focuses on value of it’s products but also focuses on value of it’s employees. They believe that achieving a long term objectives of reducing employee turnover and enhancing employee satisfaction is beneficial. To accomplish this they hire employees at an above average hourly rate, they train and promote from within. Doing this, their employees feel loyalty and valued. Costco Continues to be financially successful today and has expanded internationally. Their mission and ethics have proved to be successful and beneficial to all that the organization is involved with to include, customers employees, suppliers/vendors and stockholders.

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