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Diabetes is now one of the world’s most costly epidemic. It is estimated that by 2020, in countries such as the US, Malaysia and Indonesia over 10% of the population will be diabetic and there will be over 300m diabetics worldwide. Up to 5% of GDP and over 25% of many public healthcare budgets globally will be typically being spent on dealing with the consequences of diabetes. Over the next ten years there will be a significant shift in the numbers of diabetics and the associated cost burden on society. In 2007 the total cost of diabetes worldwide was €166 billion and in the US alone, by 2020, researchers expect there to be around 35 million diabetics with an associated direct healthcare cost of $270 billion a year. By 2030, India will have 60 million diabetics and China 25 million.
In 2010 on average around 5% of the population were diabetic and Germany the average cost of diabetes per patient is already €2000 per year whereas in the US it is €3000 per patient.
Furthermore the number of diabetic patients has grown by an average of 5% over the last decade and given the prevailing conditions it is expected to continue rising at a rate of between 2 and 6% in varied regions. The strongest growth is forecast to occur in Central and South America – around twice the rates in North America and Europe. In addition there is a general correlation between income and diabetes – as economies grow and people become wealthier so the incidence of diabetes increases; 17% and 20% of the populations of Saudi Arabia and the UAE respectively are already diabetic.

Globally by 2025 it is expected that diabetes will directly cost society €300bn nearly double…