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The Public Bicycle System Feasibility Study

This Document Introduces a Feasibility Study report for the Public Bicycle System (Adam Cooper, “The UBC Public Bicycle System Feasibility Study”, September, 2009) submitted to the School Of Community And Regional Planning, University Of British Columbia (UBS). The report proposes the use of a public bicycle system as an alternate on-campus mobility tool. It also considers the economic viability of the proposed project and whether or not it could considerably reduce the transportation time for travel.

How does the Public Bicycle System Feasibility Study work and what would You Use the UBS Public Bicycle System Feasibility Study For?

Morgan Adams (“How Does a Feasibility Study Work”, 2009) states that a feasibility study report is an important technique used to analyze the viability of a project with regards to economic cost, market potential, effectiveness, and technicalities.

A feasibility study report is essentially formed before assembling a business plan. Since a business plan is a formal document aimed at successfully implementing a business idea, a feasibility report is a very essential tool in recognizing the risks associated with the project under a particular budget and time frame. A feasibility report also helps understand the realistic scope of the project, whether it can really be done or not, and whether the risks involved are worth taking into consideration the final aims and goals of the project.
The UBC’ Public Bicycle System (PBS) feasibility report gives us a general idea about the numerous technicalities and features of the project. It talks about the benefits of a public transport system and how it could be beneficial to the end user and save travel time. It touches other aspects of the project including social, educational and health benefits of the project with illustrated graphs and figures. The feasibility project introduces bicycles and the goals of bike sharing, history of public bicycles and creates a relationship