Cozumel: A Paradise Worthy Of A Visit

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Veronica Caruso Cozumel: A Paradise Worthy of a Visit I have been fortunate to recently travel to faraway places like India, Argentina, England, Germany and Mexico due to my husband’s job. One of the places that caught my attention was the island of Cozumel. Cozumel, part of Mexico, is located on the eastern coast of the Yucatan’s Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea between Playa del Carmen and Cuba. The island, contrasting the endless blue of the Caribbean Sea along the coast with the emerald green of the tropical jungle, is the most beautiful and warmhearted place to visit in Mexico. When I think about a vacation, I look for an all-inclusive resort with outstanding customer service, a place with a variety of activities to explore, and a downtown area for shopping with fine and casual dining; the island of Cozumel offers all of these.
The Palace Hotel is an all-inclusive resort with outstanding customer service. The staff at the hotel is friendly and offers exceptional service at all times. From the moment I got off the plane until I arrived to the hotel, everything was done for me. The taxi driver, who greeted me at the airport, knew my name and my hotel destination. At the hotel, I was welcomed by the receptionist with a fresh rose and a wet, warm towel so I could refresh myself. Wherever I went and whatever I asked for, I was greeted with a smile and friendly attitude. The hotel accommodations far exceeded anything I ever imagined. For instance, it was exceptionally clean, and the rooms were elegantly decorated and all facing the ocean. Every room had a king size bed, a Jacuzzi, a small living room, a mini bar offering Tequila, whisky, vodka and gin, and a balcony with a hammock. There are four restaurants in the resort offering a variety of different cuisines: Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and international. The pool outside is an infinity pool where the level of the water is the same as the sea, giving a person the feeling of swimming in the ocean while being in the confines of the pool. Finally, the resort offers a wide variety of entertainment for everyone’s tastes. For those who are looking to stay fit, exercise classes are offered in and out of the pool. Also, there are Salsa and Zumba classes on the main patio and volleyball tournaments in the pool. In addition, live entertainment is performed every evening. Some of the events include karaoke, live plays with audience participation, and bands that play a wide range of music to suit everyone. The hotel is amazing, and a person could remain there without ever leaving and still experience Cozumel.
There are a variety of activities to explore around the island and enjoy the beautiful view. To begin, Cozumel is filled with spectacular underwater reefs, making it an exceptional place to snorkel and dive. At Parque Chankanaab, where I went snorkeling and diving, I saw the immense, colorful reef filled with vivid, bright red, blue and yellow fish like French angel, yellow tang, tiger grouper, and grey snappers among others. The pristine beaches also provide an excellent way to see the beauty of the island and escape the city life. On the western side, facing the Yucatan Peninsula, the water is calm, clear and serene, and the beaches have the whitest, cleanest sand imaginable. In contrast, on the eastern side that borders with the Caribbean Sea, the coastline is different with coarser sand, bigger waves, and more turbulent waters, making it a dangerous and insecure place in which to swim, snorkel or dive. A fantastic way to see the island is to rent a jeep and drive along the coastline. There is one main road making it difficult to get lost. This is a perfect way to see the vegetation, as well as the ocean. In fact, driving a vehicle makes it easier to visit the historic sites on the island like El Cedral and San Gervasio with Mayan ruins, and the Celarain Lighthouse. It is also fascinating to